Medium Format Equipment

My main Landscape Photography Equipment
My main Camera for Landscape work is a Mamiya 645 camera with 35mm, 45mm, 80mm, 150mm, 210mm and 300mm Mamiya Sekor Lenses.

In 35mm camera terms the lenses are approximately equivalent to 21mm, 28mm, 50mm, 85mm,135mm and 170mm.

I also have a set of close up rings, for semi-macro work, as well as a home made pinhole lens.

For times when I want to go light, I have a Zeiss Ikon Nettar 1950's folding 6x6cm camera, and a Holga Plastic camera.

Beside from the larger negative size (6cmx4.5cm) compared to 35mm, the main reason I like the Mamiya is because it is a totally manual camera, slowing down the process of taking pictures, and making you think more about what you are about to take.

I use a Benbo Trekker tripod to support the camera for all photo's. It's a bit like wrestling a set of bagpipes, but can get the camera into just about any position.